Marie-Claire Balea’s Morning Sidekick Story!

July 17, 2019 2 min read

1. Q: How many years young are you and what is your living situation?
1. 32. I currently live with my husband and fur baby, Pierre Le Poodle.

2. Q: What's the biggest challenge you faced in changing your morning routine? How have you dealt with it/got over it/are still dealing with it?
2. Actually waking up on time and not scrabbling to get out of the house and be late for work or worse my life :-(

3. Q: What time did you wake up and go to sleep before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal, and what time do you wake up and sleep now?
3. I used to go to sleep around 11pm and wake up at 8am.  Now I put myself in bed by 9:30am and wake up at 6:30am. It is such a difference in the way, I feel, think and behave through my day and daily life.

4. Q: What did your mornings look like before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal? What do your mornings look like now?
4. In my previous life, I was a complete basket case and would look and feel like a hot mess in the mornings. I would even forget my lunch, work documents, and wallet or keys. Now I wake up before alarm, have a moment to wake up and review my day with purpose and intention with my journal and thoughts. I even get cuddles and a walk in with my fur baby. It has been a fresh breathe of air and given me a second lease on life. The little things in life, even the smallest changes make the biggest difference!

5. Q: In one sentence, what's your favorite thing about the Morning Sidekick Journal?
5. I love that the journal is just for me, my thoughts and my well being and an outlet for my daily life through therapeutic written expression.

6. Q: How has using the Morning Sidekick Journal and doing your morning routine impacted your life overall?
. This journal gave me the ability to actually sit down, take a look at my daily routine‘s and modify them and revise were needed. The self reflection was a vital part of my morning as well as my evening routine. I was able to remove things that were not benefiting my life and add things that would enhance it. The journal also gave me an outlet of written expression and to get out my frustrations as well look at my joys of the day. Further I was able to review my day and have real gratitude for each day lived. Not only am I more productive but I am a better spouse and fur mama. My partner and pup get more time with a better human. I know it might be a silly journal to some but it is more than that. It gives you the keys back to living your best life and take note of what and what does not work. The best part of all, it’s self paced and you get out what you put in it!