1 Month of Accountability Nest - Real Accountability from Veterans

Sometimes, we really want to do something. And we try. And we get off track. And we maybe try again. And fall off track.

This vicious cycle ultimately ends in second guessing abilities, in convincing ourselves that it “isn’t meant to be,” in quitting altogether.

It is true that nothing worth doing is easy. Forming habits, particularly conquering the morning with the Morning Sidekick Journal is not easy, and for most, it doesn’t feel natural, at least at first. When you don’t know how to do something, do you do it anyway? Or do you seek help? Maybe find someone with knowledge and get them in on your journey?

Why should this be any different?

This is an incredibly unique service where you will be held personally accountable to your goals by a very special, very worthy, knowledgeable person who knows first-hand the benefit of conquering your mornings and being accountable.

After signing up, you will be paired with your Habit Nest Accountability Coach who is a military veteran. Your coach will personally follow-up with you on a daily basis to make sure you're living up to the best version of yourself.

You will get:

  • Daily morning phone calls to make sure you wake up on time.
  • Daily morning follow-up texts to make sure you didn't go back to bed and started your day proactively.
  • Daily evening check-in texts to confirm your go-to-bed time, wake-up time, and most important task for tomorrow.

End your excuses. Get real accountability from a disciplined military veteran.

NOTE: $197/mo is an exclusive starting rate for Accountability Nest. After our first 6 signups, prices may change for all future signups.

Tons more information (including info on the coaches) found below, scroll down.

No-Nonsense Daily Accountability For Your Goals

Meet The Veterans a.k.a. Accountability Coaches


1. Define your best self

Answer straightforward questions to paint a picture of what you'd be doing each day to live as the best version of yourself.

We'll then break this down into your daily habits. Your wake-up time, sleep time, and your most important task of each day.

2. Get Real Accountability

You'll get a wake-up call at your designated wake-up time each day you choose to make SURE you're up and moving out of bed!

Get follow-up accountability texts to make sure you're starting your day off proactively. If you miss any of your goals, expect to get a personal follow-up to help you identify WHY and to learn from it, without guilt.

3. Improve Over Time

Want to update your wake-up time for the next day? Have something special coming up you can use an extra kick for? Want the weekend off?

You'll get a final check-in each the evening to set these details. Full customizability. Text Mary or Atigun any time you need something.

4. Lead Your Own Path!

The truth is we don't want you to use this service forever, only until you build the discipline up within yourself to manage your life on your own.

Stay for as long as you need, then get support from us to lead your own path when you're ready.