About Skyler Wolpert

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Albert Einstein

Who Am I?

Hi everyone! My name is Skyler and I have been working for Habit Nest since July 2018. I just graduated from UCLA in June of 2020 with my BA in Communications and I received my Associates’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Pasadena City College in 2018. At Pasadena City College I was Secretary of Omicron Mu Delta, an honors society Jackie Robinson was a part of when he attended PCC. I also was the Events Coordinator and Vice President of the Honors Club and ended up winning Student of the Year of the honors program and graduating Summa Cum Laude.


At UCLA I joined Sigma Delta Sigma Multi-Cultural Sorority in fall 2018 and was the Community Service Chair of SDS during the 2019-20 school year. I also was the President of Multi-Interest Greek Council my senior year and oversaw 13 sororities and fraternities. I had three littles in my sorority. At UCLA I also was a student in the Honors College program and did a departmental honors thesis. I graduated in Spring quarter 2020 having completed the Honors College with twice the required units, a completed departmental thesis on the effects of Misophonia (a neurological disorder I personally suffer from) on communication, and Cum Laude Latin Honors. I was also a recipient of the Chancellor’s Service Award for my contributions to the UCLA community.

I am now working on my Master’s degree in Communications Management at USC Annenberg (fight on!) and plan to graduate in December 2021. I also run a small jewelry business on Etsy called Blonde Bee Creates and have been a board member of Many Mansions 501-C3 non-profit since 2016. On the side, I play a lot of Animal Crossing and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. I also spend a lot of time with my dogs and guinea pigs.

How I Came to Habit Nest/What I Do

Right after I finished my AA at Pasadena City College I was ready for a change of pace. My father connected me to UCLA Anderson’s Start-Up Accelerator and the very first company I was connected to was Habit Nest. I began working with Mikey a few days a week at UCLA’s campus and began working on the journals. Let me tell you I have worked on a lot of journals in the last two years but I have also put together the workout video guides, taken photos, curated posts, and run social media. I have even given a presentation on behalf of Habit Nest before. You name it and I have probably done it. I now mostly work on formatting journals and helping our project manager Danielle (who is AMAZING!!!)

This photo was taken on my first day at Habit Nest! 

Fun Facts About Me 

  • I have lived in Los Angeles for my whole life 
  • I have been to more countries in Europe than I have been to states in the US (10 states vs. 15 European countries)
  • My favorite place I have been to is Yosemite Valley which is only a 5-hour drive away

Pictured: Me and my boyfriend of 6 years in Yosemite in 2019 celebrating our 5th anniversary at tunnel view lookout in Yosemite 

  • I have a weird obsession with Hamilton the musical 
  • Pre-shutdown in 2020 I was driving 60-80 miles a day 4 days a week to school and to my second internship 
  • One of my best talents is that I can memorize things quickly especially patterns and numbers (which is funny because I suck at math)
  • I want to be a public speaker and advocate for change, especially on the subject of community college
  • I have 3,000+ followers on Tiktok and have two videos that have over 500,000 views 
  • My most popular Tiktok is about being a transfer student was re-posted by Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign 
  • I am a huge Marvel fan

Where To Reach Me: 

Have any questions, issues, or concerns (or good Hamilton memes) feel free to reach me atskyler@habitnest.com