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    FAQs for Accountability Nest

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    Q. What happens after I sign up and pay?
    A. We’ll personally follow-up with some questions to understand your specific goals with this so we can make sure to add the most value to you. Once filled out, you’ll be paired with your coach and coordinate your start time for the service with them!


    Q. How often will I get billed?
    A. When you first sign up, you get billed right away for the first month. However, your first month of coaching begins when you actually start the service, which you'll coordinate with your coach to do. So no stress to get started right away. For future payments, we'll set your monthly billing date to be on the day you actually started your service.


    Q. How much does this cost and what do I get exactly?
    A. You’ll get a full month's worth of daily accountability check-ins, multiple times a day, including a daily phone call, for $197/mo.


    Q. What days will I get this service for?
    A. Whichever days of the month you choose. You’re eligible for all days of a month and you can choose which days you want a wake-up call + accountability texts for. You’ll be in constant communication with your accountability guide and can let them know your preferences an on ongoing basis.


    Q. What if I’m not getting value out of the service?
    A. We stand proudly behind our full-refund guarantee.


    Q. What if I don’t want to do this on weekends?
    A. No problem at all — just let us know and we'll adjust accordingly.


    Q. Will my calls be monitored or recorded?
    A. Yes, we will be recording calls + reviewing texts between coaches and clients in order to monitor the service and see how we can improve it over time.


    Q. Have you had any experience yourselves with this?
    A. One of our cofounders, Mikey, went through this experience himself for months, working with and building a relationship with someone to help hold him accountable. It was without a doubt one of the greatest periods of his life that helped him open his eyes to all the different ways he could grow as a person. He holds so much gratitude for that time, in addition to a burning passion to help others gain the benefits that he did by creating a service like this for others alongside Ari and Amir.