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Accountability Nest

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The 10-Second Pitch

  • 🗓️ Join a 30-day challenge to complete a common goal (e.g. working out or meditating consistently) with a group of 5 other dedicated people
  • 🤝 Get held accountable every day by real humans to stick to your goal
  • Two people will check in with you daily to make sure you stay consistent
  • 🍿 Get new content, ideas, and stories along the way to keep you inspired

How It Works

  • Join a group for a specific goal, e.g. home workouts
  • Fill out a typeform indicating what success looks like for you (e.g. 3 workouts a week)
  • Your group leader will hold you to your goal consistently, along with one other group member
  • Contribute to the group by following up with your buddy if they did not check in that day
  • Check in every day by posting a picture/video of you completing your task, or by indicating a rest day


Q. What is the refund policy?
A. You can cancel your subscription and get a full refund up to 1 week before your challenge begins, as we'd need to find a replacement for you. Because we want to have a group of committed individuals who are serious about their goals, we are not offering refunds after that point and when the challenge begins.

Q. Can I stop mid-way throughout the month?
A. We want to foster a group of dedicated individuals who will take this seriously and help others in their group succeed. Because you will be helping hold another member of the group accountable if they do not check in each day, being an engaged member is crucial.

If you do not engage with the group for 72 hours, you will be removed from the group and not offered a refund for the service.

Q. On what platform will we communicate?
A. You will be entered into a private slack group.

Q. How will I indicate my "check-ins"?
A. By posting a picture/video related to your goal each day. This can be of you, of where you completed your goal, anything really. We want to have engaging daily content from all users to provide inspiration to others.

For rest days, you will have the option to designate this as well.