Whiteboard Habit Tracker

The 10-Second Pitch

  • ✅ We built a 55" Whiteboard Habit Tracker for your wall
  • 🎯 Get no-nonsense accountability for your goals
  • 📆 31 days of tracking, up to 8 habits per day
  • 😃 Easy installation, buttery smooth to write on, beautifully designed

*Ships worldwide from our Los Angeles warehouse with tracking within 1 business day*

The Video


This Is For You If

  • You need a format to call yourself out on your excuses

  • This sounds familiar:
    You set goals for yourself --> life gets in the way --> broken promises --> internal guilt --> want to improve --> endless cycle without much growth

Why It Works

We built this because we know first-hand, there is no force more powerful in sticking with your goals than accountability.

This whiteboard leaves no stone unturned. It helps you call yourself out on your excuses and helps you stick to what you know works.

Whenever you wake up, it’s there. When you come home from a long day, it’s there, subconsciously nudging at you to do what you know will improve your life.

It holds a powerful visual presence. It’s not tucked away on some spreadsheet app on your phone. It’s not closed in a journal or book. It’s a mirror of your life in the elements that mean the most to you.

The Specs

  • 31 Days of tracking, up to 8 habits a day
  • Set a big-picture goal every two-weeks
  • See your monthly totals
  • Easy, no-tools-required installation
  • Quality 3M Adhesive on the back
    Note: This is meant for a one-time installation and cannot be reapplied once removed
  • 3.5ft wide by 3ft tall (55")
  • Comes with a detailed guide including installation instructions, different tracking methods, and everything you’ll need to use the whiteboard properly
  • Ships in a protected, hard tube box

Frequently Purchased Together

Total price: $170.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jonathan Mcghee

I didn’t get the it yet

Molly Kirk
Good habit builder

The chart has been very helpful for setting and tracking meaningful goals for the last 10 days. The permanent adhesive film on the back is not good for a rental apartment, so we taped the chart to a huge trifold posterboard and stuck that up on the wall with Command hooks. Once the habits are set, we'll probably fill them in with permanent markers so we just have to erase the days of the week. Very attractive background colors compared to a homemade chart!

Joyce Hulings
The Habit Tracker is helping me as I begin my retirement

I am newly retired, and the tracker is helping me to focus on good habits for this stage of my life. I attached the Habit Tracker to poster board and hung it on the wall in my home gym using Command strips. That way I can move it if I ever want or need to.

Natasha Snyder
This is awesome

This product is really terrific. The board is very high quality and should last for years. I’m very happy with my purchase. It is very big though, so I have to find a good place to hang it where it’s easily accessible yet not totally in the way.

Natalie Harris

Haven't received the item yet