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    Derrick Hariman’s Morning Sidekick Story!

    Derrick Hariman’s Morning Sidekick Story!


    1. Q: How many years young are you and what is your living situation?
    1. 40 y/o. I live with my wife and 4-month-old daughter.

    2. Q: What's the biggest challenge you faced in changing your morning routine? How have you dealt with it/got over it/are still dealing with it?
    2. Biggest challenge was sticking to the routine. With a newborn (4-month-old daughter), it proved challenging to stick to a consistent routine due to her inconsistent sleep. With that, I had to realize I may not get all the items I look to do in the morning, but by just starting and implementing the routine, that was good enough and ensured I continued to improve by just 1 percent, each day.

    3. Q: What time did you wake up and go to sleep before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal, and what time do you wake up and sleep now?
    3. Before using the journal, I was all over the place with my sleep, but
    more times than not, it would be getting to bed late and waking up with enough time to get ready and begin my (work) day. After making the morning journal a staple (non-negotiable) in the morning, I now have a better schedule in which I am asleep by 11:00 P.M. and up at 5:00 A.M. I feel this has worked well and have not felt overly exhausted throughout my day.

    4. Q: What did your mornings look like before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal? What do your mornings look like now?
    4. Absolutely more routine, or if there was a routine, it was waking up, showering, getting dressed, a quick bite, and turning the morning over to work.

    5. Q: In one sentence, what's your favorite thing about the Morning Sidekick Journal?
    5. Helps me stay on track with my morning routine while also maintaining self-discipline.

    6. Q: How long have you been using the Morning Sidekick Journal?
    6. About 6 months.

    7. Q: How has using the Morning Sidekick Journal and doing your morning routine impacted your life overall?
    7. This journal has helped support me develop a regular morning routine which helps me focus on me and the day ahead. The biggest positive is it aligns super well with me ensuring the start of my mornings are proactive (eliminating outside distractions, such as emails and work) and not reactive, out of the gate. With the routine and discipline that has come with the journal, it has put in me in a position to control and start my day off with purpose. By being able to begin my mornings with “intention” using the journal, it impacts the rest of my day in a positive manner.