About Us

The Habit Nest Mission

We are a team of people obsessed with taking ACTION and learning new things as quickly as possible.

We love finding the fastest, most effective ways to build a new skill, then systemizing that process for others.

With building new habits, we empathize with others every step of the way because we go through the same process ourselves. We live and breathe everything in our company.

We use our hard-earned intuition to outline beautifully designed, intuitive products to help people live happier, more fulfilled lives.

We take this a step further by diving into published scientific studies, the opinions of subject-matter experts, and the feedback we get from customers to further enhance all the products we create.



Our Cofounders




Our Team

Lindsay McDermott
Lindsay McDermott

Peek into Lindsay's crazy life working as Habit Nest's Chief Happiness Officer while juggling six kids (two adopted!) and a full-time job.





Our Partners

Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen

Read about Jen's role as a leader in the fitness and wellness industries.