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    Ellie Anderson’s Morning Sidekick Story!

    Ellie Anderson’s Morning Sidekick Story!


    1. Q: How many years young are you and what is your living situation?
    1. 34. I live with my husband.

    2. Q: What's the biggest challenge you faced in changing your morning routine? How have you dealt with it/got over it/are still dealing with it?
    2. My biggest challenge when it came to changing my morning was my mind set.  This journal showed me instead of thinking I am losing sleep, I am gaining time.  Now I am wanting more time, it's finding out how much time I actually need to sleep.

    3. Q: What time did you wake up and go to sleep before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal, and what time do you wake up and sleep now?
    3. I was going to sleep around 11 or 12 and waking up at 8:00 or 8:30 and always being late for work.  Now I am truly slowing down at 9:30 pm and aiming to be asleep around 10:30 and waking up at 7:00.  My goal is to be up at 6:30, but again I am struggling with the amount of time sleeping.

    4. Q: What did your mornings look like before you started using the Morning Sidekick Journal? What do your mornings look like now?
    4. My mornings before the journal...wow were chaotic!  I suffer with depression and anxiety so that adds another layer to my mornings.  They are hard mentally.  I would jump up knowing I needed to leave, honestly, by 8:15 am to arrive at work by 9:00 am with traffic, but jumping up at 8:30 am.  CHAOTIC.  Brush my teeth, figure out my clothes and scramble out the door.  I would be upset...because I did it again and wonder how I could fix this problem. Now I set out my clothes, fix my shake the night before so I don't have to think.  Then I am up at 7:00 am.  I read my Bible, journal, have my shake, do some yoga, do my hair and make up and I haven't been late to work since I have started the journal.  I am in a better mood/mindset and off to a good start.

    5. Q: In one sentence, what's your favorite thing about the Morning Sidekick Journal?
    5. I love how it shows you to start tomorrow today.

    6. Q: How long have you been using the Morning Sidekick Journal?
    6. I am on day 26...and I don't want it to end!

    7. Q: How has using the Morning Sidekick Journal and doing your morning routine impacted your life overall?
    7. This journal has truly changed my life.  I have tried everything, from apps, alarm clocks that move and cold showers.  I am learning tools to face tomorrow, it has taught me that I have to prepare for tomorrow to get a head start.  My days now are so much fuller.  I have time to myself and I don't start each day running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I still have much to learn, but this journal has shown me that I may not be a morning person, but I can use my time in the morning more productively.  One of the best tools I have learned is to get my clothes out and already have my breakfast made for the following day.  I love having a check list of items that I have already thought about and I just check them off.  I have time for me to do things I want to do.