Phoenixes Update: September 16, 2022 – Habit Nest
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    Phoenixes Update: September 16, 2022

    Web3 Updates

    • Mikey, Ari, & Amir (our founders) had lengthy and super productive meetings with our development team about gamification for our Discord and our partner Discord challenges. You’re going to love the way we’re rolling out Learn2Earn… 👀
    • We are re-vamping our daily challenges starting on Monday (more info below). This will be Phase 1 of our re-vamp rollout and includes more useful habit-related content and tracking along with focused habit-building.
    • We’ve been making huge progress on our Crossmint-MM integration. We’re anticipating launching this before the end of the month.
    • Our devs hit a bug with the Metamask integration to unlock lifetime access to the "Habit Nest" app for all holders. We will be pushing an update on Monday. 
    • There’s been some wacky Discord role stuff going on. We’re aware and fixing this soon!

    Web2 Updates

    We have sent off 6 new journals to print. Our goal is to have these added to our line just in time for New Years Resolutions.

    These journals include:

    🙏 Gratitude Sidekick Journal Volumes 2 & 3

    📱Healthy Screen Time Usage Journal

    🧘Yoga Sidekick

    🤸Stretching Sidekick

    🏡 Home Organization Sidekick

    With this print, we have created yet another way for our Web2 customers to become aware of The Phoenixes with a teaser page in each journal about the project. We’re really excited about the various opportunities we have to onboard our Web2 and can’t wait to share more as we go!

    This week, we have also solidified a game plan for establishing more B2B connections, getting our products into gift shops, boutiques, gyms, and many more. 

    For Fun

    Quote of the week from Ari, “Amir is my wife from another life."

    Los Angeles Meetup

    On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet some of our Phoenix Holders from the Los Angeles area. Massive shout out to all who stopped by, it was so much fun getting to know you and seeing you IRL. 

    If you didn’t make it, don’t fret! We will be having more IRL events as we go and in other locations. We believe these events are incredible for solidifying community and creating some beautiful, real connections.

    several pictures of a meetup for Phoenixes NFT holders in Los Angeles

    Team Building Trip

    Our core Phoenixes Team is spread out between the UK, Texas, California, and Washington State. Most of us have been working together, remotely for several years and have never met in person. This week, we all met up in Los Angeles and spent 10+ hours a day brainstorming and planning everything from Phoenixes marketing, new daily challenges, learn2earn specifics, and so much more.

     We have hopped on a plane and are continuing the fun in Seattle and crashing at Lindsay’s house with her 10,000 children (jk, it’s 6) until Sunday.

    Mikey and Amir discuss work while Amber, sitting next to Amir, works on art for The Phoenixes

    Looking Forward

    Map Out MondayAri & Lindsay will host at 8am PST on September 19th. Tune in to hear what our new challenge theme will be, how we’re improving challenges, and also check in with your own goals for the week. 

    Tuesday: We will post an announcement in Discord with info on what we’re up to and where we’re at with our goals for The Phoenixes.

    Phoenix Friday: We’re back on track with Phoenix Fridays! Twitter Space, 10am PST on September 23rd. We will chat about how the week went with your challenge, check in on the goals you created on Monday, and have a fun, chill time. (Link TBA in Discord)

    Crystal Legendaries: For those lucky folks who secured Crystal Legendaries, these beauties will soar very soon.

    Let's Go Phoenixes!

    We will talk to you all on Monday's Twitter Space! Can't wait to crush this week with you all.

    The OG team took a hike in the Cascade Mountains.