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    Meditation Sidekick Journal

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    Meditation Sidekick Journal


    The journal is designed to be very fast to fill out daily, at roughly 3-5 minutes a day.

    The journal runs 8.5" tall, 5.8” wide, and 0.8” thick and fits easily in most bags. It's built with a beautifully crafted synthetic leather (100% vegan) cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material. The inside pages are a buttery smooth 100 GSM that are the perfect mix of thick enough to support fountain pens while still keeping the journal light and portable.

    This is entirely dependent on you and your situation. If you want to take it one step at a time, starting with one is enough. If you have a burning passion inside you to build multiple habits at once, many people use multiple journals alongside one another.

    Each journal contains: - 50 pages of introductory reading (optional) - 66 days of content - 66 days of habit tracking This is based on new behavioral research in the European Journal of Social Psychology on how long it takes to successfully build a new habit

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews
    William Robinson (Fort Mill, US)
    Pleased With Meditation Journal

    I am new to meditation so I appreciate the detailed instructions.

    Two things I’ll mention here as I have been using it:

    A person I volunteer with told me I was very calm especially under pressure. I can’t recall ever being told this. In my past people have referred to me as driven.

    The watch I use reports my “stress level.” My “stress level “ has been lower by 40% since I started meditating with the guidance of the journal.

    It really has exceeded my expectations.

    Bill r

    Connie (Williston, US)
    Meditation Sidekick Journal

    I love these journals because they are laid out in a way that is easy to learn a new habit, even when you have failed before.

    Janet Lewis (Bullard, US)
    Meditation Sidekick

    Very practical ways to incorporate such a needed discipline of meditation. I am becoming aware of my internal dialogue and how it shapes me.

    Sandra York
    first time meditating

    I am meditating for the first time. I wanted to try but did not know where to start. I find it easy following the steps in the book and focus on doing the ritual. This book does not make meditating intimidating but easy to do.

    Jerica Schultz (Cuba City, US)
    Highly recommend

    After years of failed meditation attempts, I received this journal as a gift. I groaned internally, dreading what was in store, but accepted the challenge nevertheless. To my great surprise and delight, I am smiling as I write this. I've tried meditation repeatedly for years using different methods, videos, apps, etc and always felt like a failure. This book is really helping me to see meditation in a new light and, better yet, to find value and even joy in it. Weeks in, I am still going strong. To anyone considering purchasing this book, I highly recommend it. If you commit yourself to at least a few minutes each day, I have no doubt this product will add value to your life as it has to mine! Enjoy!