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The Full Morning Sidekick Series (Volumes 1-4)





Get the FULL Morning Sidekick Journal Series.

  • 🔥 Covers 1 full year of the best mornings of your life!
  • 📕 4 unique journals (Volumes 1-4) that build off each other
  • 💸 Save $$ -- discounted compared to buying journals separately

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A Small Company's Journey

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Customer Reviews

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Janet Richards
Great for self-help beginners and important review for those 'in-the-know'

My own 'get my act together' journey began twenty-five years ago when I found myself the mother of two young children and a bunch of health problems. Before that I'd read a bunch of psychology style self-help books to help me understand a tumultuous childhood/teen years but as a new mom I suddenly had little ones depending on me doing simple things like cleaning, cooking and getting out of bed on time. Because my health was messed up due to complications from pregnancy, I was doubly desperate to figure out how to live our family's best life. Unfortunately, I didn't have this series. Instead I read copious books from the library, helped make Jeff Bezos a billionaire buying books on Amazon and tried strategy after strategy.
Things are different today. We have the internet - where you can access everything from badly researched blogs to excellent peer-reviewed reports. However, who has the time? I got these books when I had a relapse of health issues. My kids are grown now and I've shared all my learned wisdom with them but I find I need refreshers and I also have a bad way of putting all my needs second to anyone else in my life. So I saw these journal style volumes and thought I'd give them a try.
The information is excellent! If you are new to figuring things out in your life, I highly recommend- especially if you're feeling overwhelmed by work, life, family. You won't have to get lost in rabbit holes on the internet and wonder if the last hour of reading was really full of sound advice and you won't get sucked into any self-proclaimed self-help guru's very expensive line of products. These books are simple, easy, incredibly informative and perfect for just the right amount of reflection in a busy life.
If you're on the longer journey and you've read/sought out information on getting your act together before- this is a great resource to re-kick your butt into gear as well as refresh your mind and put things back into perspective. You might also find that some of your information is out of date or that what worked for you when you were twenty-two doesn't work for you now that you're forty-two.
For me, this first book is proving to be exactly the gentle every morning reminder I need to get every day started on the right track. The 'lessons' might be things I already know somewhere in this brain of mine but they're acting as great refreshers and I've got a new perspective on everything now too.
If you need a nudge to get your life running smoother, these are completely worth it!

Bryan Apper
Mornings have never been so good

The Morning Sidekick journals have transformed my mornings as well as my days that follow. They help create focused, productive, and inspiring mornings and lay a foundation for great days. Soon I will be starting my second time through the four volumes; I like them that much.

Diba Baharuddin

As expected, they're just as great as the first journal! I am very happy with my purchase. I am able to start my day with the right mind and emotions and my days are a lot more productive now!

Andrea Green

I am truly loving the layout of the Morning Sidekick Series. As noted week one was 'Hell Week' but I survived. Reading the beginning of the book was very helpful and I understand why it should not be skipped. GREAT JOB!!!

Jessica McMeyer

Morning Sidekick Journal 1