The Full Morning Sidekick Series (Volumes 1-4)


Get the FULL Morning Sidekick Journal Series.

  • 🔥 Covers 1 full year of the best mornings of your life!
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A Small Company's Journey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Best way to conquer the morning

I have used the journal before with great results but fell off the wagon once I completed my journal. So this time I decided to buy a year's worth to make sure the habit sticks! I'm going well so far and am pleased to have started it while I am on holidays so I can perfect the routine before going back to work.

A little self help goes a long way

This is my second go around it takes time to develop new habits and break old habits
I always thought I needed something else or someone else to fix me. Now I know I can fix myself and change habits on my own with the assistance of these journals. These journals have really helped me learn and develop new skills and implement them to create a more well rounded life. Learning not to be a victim rather training my mind to learn and complete new tasks. I always choose tasks that are challenging for me which challenges looks different in everyone and I move through it . In the past I spent a lot of time bouncing around from therapy to wilderness programs to centers to help with my mindset anxiety social skills,vision and the list of symtoms still go on . I was labeled as disabled and forgot to look at my abilities . Now feeling the sense of accomplishment with these journals I continue to do them alongside the mediation sleep and gratitude journals . I continue to do these journals alongside other programs like retrain the brain or dynamic neural retraining system, yoga, dance etc. habits that are harder to break are habits that I have had longer. I am grateful that for 4.5 almost five years I have been med free, learned to develop a positive support network , and erase toxicity in my life. Therapy only works if you apply it . Each thing in my life has taught me new lesson. So thanks to habitnest I am constantly redefining myself .


Love these Journals. They have made me so much more productive in the morning and I am actually happier and less tired in the day

Love the journals

I got my 1st journals in 2018, I love all that I have gotten. I really like the changes you have made in the 1st morning sidekick journal. I have just begun the hell week so don't know all the changes yet, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Really enjoying the change to my mornings.

My mornings are improving. Not perfect yet, but seeing a change. Taking small steps to make my mornings a win. The only reason for the 4 stars is that I also like to do gratitude daily as I did that journal before this and have been writing my gratitude in the margins. would be nice to have a little space for that also. I really do enjoy the daily tips and the feel of the journal. Great Product!!