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    Bodyweight Transformation Journal - Module: Behavior Change Unlocked

    Behavior Change Unlocked: Insights for Lasting Transformation


    3 Factors of Behavior Change


    A deep dive into James Clear’s behavior change framework from his best-seller Atomic Habits, focusing on Outcomes, Processes, and Identity.

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    Breaking Free From Negative Habit Loops


    Negative habit loops are habits that lead to negative outcomes. This worksheet will allow you to explore the current cue, routine, and rewards for your negative habits, and figure out how to replace them with better-for-you options. .

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    Falling In Love With The Process


    Science-backed tactics to learn to love the process, with a focus on increasing dopamine and how positive self-talk can help.

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    The Stages of Change Model


    The Stages of Change Model, created by scientists in the late 70’s, is a way to understand the steps you are taking to make a change in your habits, what regression looks like and why it’s not always bad.

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    Visualization for Success


    Visualization can be a strong tool for behavior change. Try this exercise for increased motivation and improved technique in your fitness journey.

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