Day 30 : Resistance Training – Habit Nest
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    Day 30 : Resistance Training

    Workout 30 from Habit Nest

    1. Deadlift

    *Note: You can do this while holding dumbbells, or with a barbell
    1. Holding dumbbells in each hand, keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight with your chest puffed outwards.
    2. Hinging from your waist, bend down towards the floor as far as possible while keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent.
    3. At the climax of the movement (when you get as low as possible, hold for .5 - 1 seconds).
    4. Using your legs and butt, straighten your knees until your body comes to a standing position.
    5. Repeat the movement to complete the set.
    *Because this exercise is more likely than others to lead to injury, please be very careful and make sure you understand proper form for Deadlifts before attempting to do the exercise.

    2. Straight Arm Rope Pull

    1. Stand with the rope in between your legs.
    2. Keeping your arms straight (elbows slightly bent), pull the rope up from the floor to your shoulder height, hold for a count of two seconds, and slowly return to the starting position.
    3. Repeat until the set is complete.

    3. Lateral Raise

    *Can complete this exercise sitting down on a bench, or standing up. Tis is also combined with squats in our workouts.
    1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart and have dumbbells by your side at arms length away. When performing this exercise your palms should be facing down.
    2. Keep your abs pulled into your spine, your torso stationary and raise the dumbbells to your side with a slight bend at your elbow. Lif your arms until they are parallel to the floor (shoulder level) and pause for a second at the top.
    3. Lower the dumbbells back down slowly and repeat.

    4. Hip Thrust

    1. Using a barbell or heavy dumbbell, use an amount of weight you’re comfortable with.
    2. Place your body under the barbell or put the dumbbell on the upper part of your thighs, and use a bench to support your back, neck, and head behind you.
    3. Keep your feet on the floor, put your feet directly under your knees so that when you extend, you’ll make a 90% angle.
    4. Raise the barbell up from the floor primarily using your glute muscles.
    5. Repeat the motion until the set is complete.

    *It is VERY important to focus on contracting your glute muscles throughout this movement - make use of the mind-muscle connection! If you need to, slightly move your feet to see if you can get your glutes to fire.

    *Make sure to maximize the full range of motion, going all the way up with your hips before coming back down slowly!

    *If you’re unsure what weight you’re comfortable with, start off with something very light and see how it feels. Add to it until you find that comfortable but difficult weight level.

    *You can use a pad or a towel under the bar for comfort