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    Based on 1327 reviews


    Perfect tool

    This book is making me love going back to the gym! I love tracking and the notes and tips that are provided. Everyone that has seen it compliments me on it also!

    Love love LOVE!!

    I am beyond happy with my book!! Takes the guess work out of your workout and what to do!! Thank you.

    Great journals

    I was lacking structure before and now the journals have given me that and I feel like I’m making positive progress! Nicely laid out and easy to use

    Great guide and book

    Really love this journal! I will definitely be moving on to another one at some point. Definitely helps improve my focus and my habits

    FINALLY……. Something I can easily stick to

    I have read many of the books that they incorporated into the Habit Nest Morning Sidekick Journal but just couldn’t stick with it or felt pressure to be perfect. They do such a great job with the introduction that make it pretty easy to just do it and ok when you miss a day. I was super consistent but then had an Emergency with our family that made it challenging and I felt ok that I had to step away for a bit to focus on that and come right back to my routine when I could. I am sure over time when something like this happens I will still be able to maintain the “MY TIME” more easily. I can tell I am building a true, easy-to-do habit. Looking forward to the full 66 days and then more.

    Love this workout journal. It is challenging and I like that the workout is different each day. I don’t really care for doing the last exercise 4 times. I wish it was 2 exercises 2 times. Would also like to know which muscle groups I worked on each day. Overall great journal. Would recommend to others

    I love my journal!!!

    This journal has made it so easy to stay motivated to workout. It gives me a detailed plan to follow, and a way to track my progress so I can see the growth I’ve made. Best fitness purchase I’ve ever made!

    Loved these books

    The Morning Sidekick Journal
    Elizabeth Langenmayr

    It has helped me to build my morning routine and keep me on track! The tips and accountability have been wonderful!!

    Great budgeting resource, simple, but effective.

    I have been more than pleased with my first purchase from Habit Nest. I have always struggled with finances because I have short-term memory loss. That and a couple of other disabilities have made trying to maintain budgeting for a family of five near impossible. I have tried many courses over the years.

    I wish I could put all of the positive things about this journal into a review but it would take too long.
    When I have the opportunity I am purchasing a set for both of my adult daughters. And I have a few friends in mind that would greatly benefit from these journals.

    I would strongly recommend this system to anybody who struggles with any form of disability that makes budgeting complicated. I've had a number of courses recommended to me that very simply were more than my brain with some of the processing issues I have, could process.

    This system has completely been transforming and very thankful for the gifts given and shared.

    And I really do believe for the first time in 22 years of marriage I should have the ability to work and stay on top of a budget or work toward keeping a budget.

    A few things I really like, I do not do well with online, so we purchased the physical hardbound copies. I really love the quality of the materials including the hard cover that I'm not worried about getting damaged so easily and the quality of the paper. I hope they do not change that.

    I also really like the simple steps that they instruct us with and what to do as well as the advice given.
    The journal is very thorough in explaining things for different personality types. They also answered one question that has always caused me trouble with budgeting -- how to budget a monthly budget when we get paid every two weeks. They explained how to do that. That is the first time anybody in any Financial course has explained how to work with that. So thank you.

    Overall I think this is an excellent tool that can be used by just about anyone.

    The only feedback that I would have wished for a change were two things, one is just a personal thing. I was surprised that within the monthly list there was no set list for giving or charity. I think in lieu of our worldview situation where right now we and the world are so connected globally, I think giving to people more in need than ourselves is something that should be encouraged. I would have liked to see that as one of the list items in the book, like bills and insurance. But there were blank sections so I could add it in.

    The only other thing is that I would have preferred one or two pages per month to list the bills for that month, as with my family of five I just simply needed more space. I solved that by just taking another piece of paper and writing the list of bills and then tallying them up and adding them into the spot for bills. There is a place at the beginning of the journal for that kind of breakdown, but I would have preferred maybe at least one full page designated per month to listing the bills for that month. I would think one person income there would be plenty of space but we have the equivalent of a full page of bills.

    I am very thankful to the people that put this together. And I sincerely hope that this company does exceedingly well. Their advice throughout the book is incredibly helpful for people learning how to build habits and in this particular book for those trying to learn how to manage a budget.

    I would also emphasize using these journals for artistic souls. I am very right brained, a musician. I struggle with left brain practical skills. I would recommend this budgeting journal for any of my artist friends and will recommend this for anybody right brained that struggles to keep a checkbook.

    I think this is a very simple method that can be used by those who tend toward creativity and are not so good at managing a checkbook.

    Wishing Habit Nest the very best.

    Thank you for all of your time and effort in the research put into this journal. I will be a continual purchaser, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise!"
    😊 Thank you!

    The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Series (Volumes 1-4)

    A former fit mom getting back into strength training

    I used to strength train regularly on my 20’s up until about age 45. I just turned 49 and suddenly felt lost at the gym. I also have a lot of equipment at home that I bought for my teenage son and I just couldn’t get motivated to use any of it. The journals gave me the program and plan that I needed. Some of the exercises I am not quite ready to do but I can substitute from another workout in the journal and still complete a great workout and feel successful.

    Easy to follow!

    I really enjoy the journal, it’s easy to follow and the workouts are hard but do-able! I would definitely recommend.


    I am so glad that I found this journal. While I know what I need to do to keep in shape, there is something about this journal that keeps me motivated, engaged and making gains. The workouts vary from day to day; so I don’t get bored or lose focus. Plus, you can modify and add whatever else you need. Thank you for being a part of my healthy journey.

    Healthy happy

    I'm very pleased with my purchase .I have the nutrients and booty journal these books have help me understand how the correct eating habits and exercise is very important for good health and lasting results. I can't wait until my copy of the weight lifting arrives

    Home Workout Journals
    Jennica Vander Boon
    Love it!

    As a busy mom, I needed a zero excuses option for workouts. I can complete the workouts in my small space with no equipment. I'm already seeing improvements in my workouts (hello leg lifts and push-ups), feeling stronger and loving the variety of exercises. I told my sister about it and she bought a copy, too!


    Still reading the beginning and setting my goals to start new year...

    You Need These Journals!

    Wow! This has been the easiest way for me to include strength training in my day. I highly recommend these journals for anyone who doesn't know where to start or is short on time!

    Life Changing!

    With the journals I have been able to get back into the gym with a steady routine and not have to stress about what to do or when. Love being able to work out and not think and see my progress each week!

    Bodyweight Home Workout Journal

    Having a workout already prepared and journaled is such a time saver.
    Able to start workout and complete and keep track of progress.

    Grow baby!

    For the first time ever I got told I had an 🍑! I’ve only been using for about 3 weeks but is see a difference and can’t wait to see how much my 🍑 develops and grows!!

    The Badass Body Goals Journal - Booty Shaping & Resistance Training (240+ Pages)

    Sore after the 1st day

    This product is amazing. I had a good sore after the 1st day.