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    Workout 05 — Bodyweight Home Workout Journal

    Workout 05: Full Body Circuit

    1. Jumping Jack
    1. Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent, and arms to your sides.
    2. Jump while raising your arms and separating your legs. Land on your forefoot with your legs apart and arms overhead. 
    3. Jump again while lower your arms and returning your legs to midline. Land on your forefoot with your arms and legs in their original position and repeat.

    2. Squat
    1. Stand upright with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart and your toes turned slightly out. If you can, engage your abdominal muscles and broaden your chest by gently pulling your shoulder blades in toward each other.
    2. Bend your knees slowly, pushing your glutes and hips out and down behind you as if you’re sitting down on a chair. Keep your head and shoulders aligned with your knees and your knees aligned with your ankles. 
    3. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep your knees alined with your toes (without surpassing them) as you lower yourself as straight down as possible. You can raise your arms up and in front of you (no higher than parallel to the ground) as you lower your body.
    4. Straighten your legs to come up and squeeze your glutes as you approach the starting position. 

    3. Crunch
    1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet resting flat on the ground hip-width apart.
    2. Place your hands behind your head so that your thumbs are behind your ears.
    3. Hold your elbows out to the sides and slightly tilted inward.
    4. Slightly tilt your chin down, leaving a few inches of space between your chin and your chest.
    5. Gently pull your abdominals inward.
    6. Curl up and forward so that your head, neck, and shoulder blades lift off the ground.
    7. Hold for a second at the top of the movement and then slowly lower yourself back down. 

    4. Mountain Climber
    1. Get in a push up or plank position. Keep your abdominal muscles tight and your body straight while holding yourself off the floor.
    2. Pull your right knee into your chest. Make sure that your body doesn’t come out of its push up or plank position. Keep your spine in a straight line and don’t let your head slump. Having core body stability is very crucial for this movement.
    3. Quickly place your right leg back down while simultaneously switching legs and pulling your left knee into your chest. Make sure that at the same time you push your right leg back, you pull your left knee into your chest using the same form. (This movement is essentially running in place while maintaining a straight and aligned body.)
    4. Alternate sides.

    5. Towel Pull


    1. Grab a towel or t-shirt, hold it in both hands, and stand in a squat position.
    2. Hold the towel out in front of you with your arms extended, and pull on both sides of the t-shirt or towel as hard, as you can as if you were trying to rip it.
    3. As you continue to try to rip the towel or t-shirt, slowly bring your elbows backwards as if you were trying to squeeze your shoulder blades together. 
    4. When your hands get as close to your chest as possible, slowly return to the starting position and repeat until the set is complete. Remember to KEEP trying to rip the towel throughout the entire exercise. 

    6. High Knee
    1. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. 
    2. Lift one leg as you drive your knee up toward your chest and raise your opposite arm. Slightly arch or round your lower back to keep your pelvis stationary and reduce strain on your back.
    3. Quickly place your foot back on the ground.
    4. Bring your opposite leg upward in the same motion, driving your knee to your chest, while raising your opposite arm. (This movement is essentially running in place to increase your heart rate.)
    5. Alternate sides. 

    7. In-and-Out Push-Up


    1. Starting out in a regular push-up position, lower the body until the elbows are bent 90° and chest is one to two inches from the ground.
    2. Exhale, pressing up explosively so that the hands leave the ground. While in the air, bring the hands slightly in and back landing in close-grip push-up position, lowering down smoothly.
    3. Exhale, pressing up explosively so that the hands leave the ground again and widening the grip again to go back into a regular push-up.

    8. Plank


    1. Place your forearms on the ground with your elbows aligned beneath your shoulders. Keep your arms parallel to your body at about shoulder-width distance. (You should be in a push up position, only on your forearms rather than your hands).
    2. Ground your toes into the floor and squeeze your glutes to stabilize your body. Be careful to not to lock or hyperextend your knees.
    3. Neutralize your neck and spine by looking at a spot on the floor about a foot in front of your hands. Your head should be in line with your back. Contract your abdominals to keep yourself up and prevent your booty from sticking up.
    4. Keep your back flat and hold the position for as long as possible without compromising form.