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    Workout 22 — Bodyweight Home Workout Journal

    Workout 22: Chest & Biceps

    Chest Exercises

    1. Stop-and-Release Push Up
    1. Starting out in a regular push-up position, hands slightly more than shoulder-width. 
    2. Engage your core and lower the body all the way to the ground in a slow, controlled movement.
    3. With your chest on the ground, lift your hands off the ground, squeezing shoulders together.
    4. Place your palms back onto the ground and complete the push up. This is one rep.
    2. In-and-Out Push-Up


    1. Starting out in a regular push-up position, lower the body until the elbows are bent 90° and chest is one to two inches from the ground.
    2. Exhale, pressing up explosively so that the hands leave the ground. While in the air, bring the hands slightly in and back landing in close-grip push-up position, lowering down smoothly.
    3. Exhale, pressing up explosively so that the hands leave the ground again and widening the grip again to go back into a regular push-up.

    3. Decline Push Up
    1. Begin on hands and knees, hands on the ground at shoulder-width or slightly wider (you won’t want to go wider than this or your range of motion will be severely limited).
    2. Lift one leg and position it atop a sturdy piece of furniture (bench, ottoman, etc.). Do this for the other leg. Ensure that your body is in a straight line before continuing. Pay attention to hips and buttocks and ensure that they aren’t caving or arching. Double check hand placement and ensure that arms are extended.
    3. Bend at the elbow and allow your chest to lower. You’ll find yourself looking upward slightly. This is normal, just ensure that you don’t try to compensate the movement with your back or buttocks.
    4. Push yourself back to the starting position, being careful not to lock your elbows. This is one rep.
    4. Decline Prayers
    1. Stand upright with your knees slightly bent.
    2. Place your hands together in a praying position in front of your chest. Your elbows should be pointing out to your sides and your fingers pointing ahead of you while pushing tightly against each other.
    3. Slowly move your hands outward away from your body so that your arms fully extend, town toward your hips and away from your chest, while your hands are still positioned together and pushing tightly against each other.
    4. To feel this movement to its highest extent, you want to be pushing your hands together as tightly as you possible. You can try putting a weighted plate between your hands to increase the difficulty. 
    5. Bring your wrists back in toward your chest.

    Biceps Exercises

    1. Doorway Curl
    1. Stand in a doorway, facing the doorjamb, one foot in the doorway, the other on the outside of it.
    2. With your hands positioned at chest-height, grip the doorjamb. Position your feet so they’re close to the doorjamb and in a narrow stance.
    3. Lean your body back, extending your arms. This is your starting position.
    4. Engage your biceps and slowly pull your body toward the doorjamb. When you reach the doorjamb, contract your muscle. This is one rep.

    *Note: For added challenge, step closer to the doorjamb or even straddle the wall with your feet.

    2. Flexing Hammer Curl
    1. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your elbows should be tucked in close to your torso and your palms should be facing your torso.
    2. Keep your upper arm stationary as you contract your biceps and curl your arms directly upward. Continue to raise your arms until your biceps are fully contracted and your wrist is at shoulder-level. Focus on only moving your forearm.
    3. After a brief pause, slowly begin to lower your arms back down to the starting position.

    3. Flexing Curl
    1. Stand, with knees slightly bent.
    2. Flex the muscles in your right arm, clench your fist. Slowly curly your arm upward.
    3. At the peak of the movement, when your hand is next to your shoulder, squeeze, and then slowly allow your arm to return. 
    4. Do this with the other arm. 
    5. Repeat! 

    4. Curl Your Leg
    1. Position yourself on a chair, sitting with only your buttocks is on the seat, knees bent.
    2. Take your left hand and grasp your right leg, under the knee. Your leg will serve as your resistance weight. Ensure that your leg remains “dead weight” through this exercise.
    3. Engage your bicep muscles in your left hand and lift your right leg. Hold for a count of two, contracting your muscles at the top of the movement.
    4. Return to starting position. Repeat for the opposite side.