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    Workout 04 — Dumbbell Home Workout Journal

    Workout 04: Shoulders & Forearms 

    Shoulders Exercises

    1. Lateral Dumbbell Raise 

    1. Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and dumbbells aligned with your feet at arm's length. Make sure your palms are facing inward towards your sides.
    2. Keep your torso stationary and raise the dumbbells to your side with a slight bend at your elbow. Lift your arms until they are slightly parallel to the ground, or around shoulder-level, and pause for a second at the top.
    3. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

    2. Front Dumbbell Raise 

    1. Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Grasp one dumbbell with each hand so that your palms are facing inward and hands are against your thighs.
    2. While keeping your torso stationary, lift the dumbbells in front of you with a straight arm or slightly bent elbow. Continue to raise the dumbbell until your arm is slightly above parallel to the ground or around shoulder-level.
    3. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

    3. Bent Over Rear Delt Raise 

    1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
    2. Bend at the hip with the butt back as far as possible.
    3. Keep the back straight in order to pick up the dumbbells. The palms of your hands should be facing each other as you hold the dumbbells. This will be your starting position.
    4. Keeping your torso forward and stationary and the arms slightly bent at the elbows, lift the dumbbells straight to the side until both arms are parallel to the floor. (Note: Avoid swinging the torso or bringing the arms back as opposed to the side.)
    5. After a one second contraction at the top, slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.

      Variation: This exercise can also be performed seated. Those with lower back problems are better off performing this seated variety.

    4. Seated Dumbbell Press 

    1. Sit on a military press bench, or any utility bench that has a back support, and hold two dumbbells upright on the top of your thighs.
    2. With your palms facing each other, lift the dumbbells up (one at a time) to shoulder-level.
    3. Then, rotate your wrists so that your palms are facing upward toward the ceiling.
    4. Press your dumbbells up and toward each other, without jerking your back.
    5. Slowly lower them until they return to the starting position.

    5. Shrug 

    1. Stand upright or very slightly bent over with one dumbbell in each hand. Your palms should be facing your torso or each other and your arms should be fully extended by your sides.
    2. Lift the dumbbells by raising your shoulders as high as possible towards your ears while keeping your arms fully extended. Hold the contraction at the top for at least half a second.
    3. Lower the dumbbells back to the original position. Your shoulder should be the only part moving for this movement.

    Forearms Exercises

    1. Reverse Grip Dumbbell Curl 

    1. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand shoulder-width apart with your palms facing your body.
    2. Without moving your elbows, lift the dumbbells in a curling motion towards the ceiling, while keeping your palms facing your body. It’s just like doing a bicep curl with your hands facing the opposite direction.

    2. Dumbbell Twist-Up

    1. Stand upright and hold two heavy dumbbells behind your back at the height of your glutes. Your arms should be fully extended with your hands placed shoulder-width apart and your palms facing the ground in overhand grip.
    2. Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart and slowly elevate the barbell by curling your wrist in a semicircular motion toward the ceiling. Your wrists should be the only part moving.
    3. Hold this position for a second then lower the barbell back down towards your fingertips.