The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Series

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The Complete Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal Series

We created The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal Series to give you all the tools you need to become your strongest, fittest self mentally and physically. 

The series comes with 4 journals.

Volumes 1-3 include 66 completely guided workouts. Just open the book, do the exercises and track the amount of weight you use and number of repetitions you complete.

Volume 4 (The Weight Training Tracking Journal) gives you the structure and guidance you need to create your own workout routines based on what you loved from the first 3 Volumes.

In all, 1 complete year of weightlifting training & tracking.

*The complete series is heavily discounted from purchasing individual journals.

✅ All products backed by our 50-year, any condition refund guarantee.


Each journal is built with a beautifully crafted synthetic leather (100% vegan) cover that’s textured to the touch in a hearty, canvas-like material

The inside pages are a buttery smooth 100 GSM that are the perfect mix of thick enough to support fountain pens while still keeping the journal light and portable

The journal runs 9.5" tall, 7.0” wide, and 1.0” thick and fits easily in most bags.

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