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George The Short-Necked Giraffe (Children's Book)

New Release!

This brand new children's book is a wonderfully crafted story about George,  a Giraffe with an unusually short-neck who desperately attempts to find out where he fits in at school only to realize that what he needed all along was to be himself.

The story is meant to provide a compelling example as to what it means to struggle with one's identity, and ultimately, to help us understand we don't need to mold ourselves to 'fit in' with others in order to be appreciated! 


  • Hardcover book
  • Perfect for ages 2-8
  • Book dimensions: 10 x 8.5 x .5 inches


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Positive Journal Suggestion

My niece is slightly overweight and very uncomfortable with it, and is being bullied because of it. I looked for a journal for kids, something fun that doesn't have a negative effect on a child's psyche, that guides them through healthy eating and exercise habits. I have no idea what that would look like, but I imagine a fitness coach, nutritionist and someone with a child education degree (or elementary teacher) could put something together. I just thought I'd suggest it, because I'd by it, and I think others would too. It's so difficult to talk to a child about eating healthy without hurting their self-esteem and I am sure there are many parents dealing with this too. If you read this and consider it, I really appreciate it.

George The Short-Necked Giraffe

my 4 year old grand-daughter loves that story! Thank you !

Angel Tobias
Cute 'short' story :D

Very happy to read a book to my lil girl about being yourself and not worrying about fitting in. Thank you <3

Cynthia Work
A great book for ALL ages

A very well written book about being true to who you are and not needing to “fit in”. Very enjoyable

Lori J.
Wonderful Book

This book is fantastic! The kids I work with LOVE this book. Thank you for providing a wonderful product. Hope you have more children's book in the works!