Phoenixes Update: October 7th, 2022 – Habit Nest
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    Phoenixes Update: October 7th, 2022

    Phoenixes Update: October 7th, 2022

    Web 3

    1. Lindsay made some awesome connections at NFT Seattle! Talked to a ton of folks about The Phoenixes and onboarded some really cool folks to the community. She secured appearances on Twitter Spaces for other projects and future in-person speaking engagements which will be great for getting our name out there!

    Lindsay posing w/ the NFT Seattle sign last weekend.

    2. Our devs are continuing to work on our new partner site / dashboard.

    3. ICYMI... we're verified on OpenSea!

    4. We're working w/ a dev team on bringing the Daily Challenges to you in a fun and friction-less way. We tried rolling it out last week, but hit a coding issue, so it'll be a bit longer.

    5. The Phoenixes hit 1,000+ ETH traded on OpenSea!

     fierce phoenix, 1000 eth volume traded


    Web 2

    We're working on a micro-influencer campaign and continuing to dig in to TikTok for Habit Nest brand awareness and advertising. If you're not already following us on TikTok, here we are

    Habit Nest on Tik Tok

    For Fun

    Quote of the week from our OG HN customer and fellow Phoenix Nan during today's Phoenix Friday Twitter Space.

    "Sometimes, you just can't."

    Amen, Nan. A. Men.


    No Discord FOMO

    What you might have missed this week...

    On Tuesday, we had super fun game night with giveaways from The Phoenixes and Quarter Machine that isn't over yet! Head here to try to win this beautiful Phoenix:

    Stay tuned, we're definitely wanting to do a game night again, it was a blast!

    A male Phoenix from the Light Faction

    Fellow Phoenix ilcampe posted this awesome Twitter Thread about The Phoenixes that you should check out!

    Preview of a Tweet about The Phoenixes

    Big shout out to SmilingLion who sent over one of their Phoenixes to a fellow member who got caught up in a scam and lost theirs. Love this love and sense of community. Thank you so much. 🙏

    Hatch Stats

    As of this post there are 6,079 Phoenixes Hatched, leaving 2,809 Phoenixes Unhatched.

    BUT! There are still 10 x 1 of 1 legendaries out there! 👇

     Faction 1 of 1 Category
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice
    Order of the Undivided
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice Egg Stats:
    🧊 Ice Eggs Remaining: 
    🧊 Ice Egg Floor: 
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic
    Order of the Undivided
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic Egg Stats:
    ⚡ Voltaic Eggs Remaining: 
     Voltaic Egg Floor: 0.095Ξ
    ✨ Light Statue
    ✨ Light
    Order of the Undivided
    ✨ Light Shadow
    ✨ Light Crystal
    ✨ Light Egg Stats:
    ✨ Light Eggs Remaining: 
    ✨ Light Egg Floor: 0.054Ξ
    ⚫ Dark Statue

    ⚫ Dark
    Order of the Undivided
    ⚫ Dark Shadow
    ⚫ Dark Crystal
    ⚫ Dark Egg Stats:
    ⚫ Dark Eggs Remaining: 
    ⚫ Dark Egg Floor: 
    🌬️Air Statue
    Order of the Undivided
    🌬️Air Crystal
    🌬️Air Egg Stats:
    🌬️ Air Eggs Remaining: 
    🌬️ Air Egg Floor: 
    🌊 Water Statue
    🌊 Water
    Order of the Undivided
    🌊 Water Shadow
    🌊 Water Crystal
    🌊 Water Egg Stats:
    🌊 Water Eggs Remaining: 
    🌊 Water Egg Floor: 
    🪨 Earth Statue
    🪨 Earth Order of the Undivided
    🪨 Earth Shadow
    🪨 Earth Crystal
    🪨 Earth Egg Stats:
    🪨 Earth Eggs Remaining: 
    🪨 Earth Egg Floor: 
    🔥 Fire Statue
    🔥 Fire
    Order of the Undivided
    🔥 Fire Shadow
    🔥 Fire Crystal

    🔥 Fire Egg Stats:
    🔥 Fire Eggs Remaining: 

    🔥 Fire Egg Floor: 0.065Ξ


    Keep in mind, there are still some rares beyond these 1/1s! Check out for our rarity guide. Other rarity sites will not be accurate until all eggs are hatched!

    Looking Ahead

    🗺️ Map Out Mondays. 8am PST every Monday. This next week is a "pause week" for daily challenges, but we still want to chat about any goals you have for the week so we can help hold each other accountable.

    🔥🪶 Phoenix Fridays. 10am PST every Friday, we'll check in on how the week went, chat about the weekend ahead, and open the floor to talk about whatever's on your mind. 

    🕰️ Phoenix Hours. 2pm PST on Wednesday, October 12th, hop on to the stage to chat w/ the Phoenix Founders and team about whatever's on your mind. We want to hear from you, bring any questions, concerns, things you're excited about... you name it, we're here to talk about it!

    Header image for Phoenix Hours including Mikey, Ari, and Amir