Phoenixes Update: September 30th, 2022 – Habit Nest
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    Phoenixes Update: September 30th, 2022

    Phoenixes Update: September 30th, 2022

    Web 3

    1. Our B2B partners have been SO excited about some new mechanics we are bringing to our B2B partnerships. This is big as we're pushing out a better experience for these, getting our partners involved, adding exclusive prizes, and will lead to ongoing cross-promotion between The Phoenixes communities and each of our partners'. Their holders will all be incentivized to hold Phoenixes NFTs.

    Our devs completed the first draft of a new partner site / dashboard so progression there is well underway.

    2. The Phoenixes is officially verified on OpenSea!

    3. We sent Lindsay, our Chief Happiness Officer, to NFT Seattle and are stoked to hear what info she comes back with and connections she's made!

    4. We fixed our Twitter Hatch bot, showing each new hatch here:

    5. We are working on building some additional Discord bots - bringing a sales bot & hatch bot both into our Discord.

    6. Additional optimizations to our Shopify Crossmint plugin:

    These include: Better loading states for the plugin, better data display, and now whenever a Phoenix is sold via the plugin or OpenSea, it is much more quickly removed from the Shopify site.


    Web 2

    There's been fantastic progress made on completing 6 additional journals in time for the holidays, which is our core focus for the coming weeks.

    For Fun

    Quote of the week from Ari (pictured here by the gross-yet-fascinating Gum Wall in Seattle):
    "Use your evening routine to make time for things you usually make excuses for."

     Ari Banayan in front of the gum wall in seattle

    No Discord FOMO

    What you might have missed this week...

    Amber, from the Phoenixes Team, purchased an Ice Crystal from a lovely fellow Phoenix. Congrats to both of you!

    In other news, Ari has inspired Br0ken (Gary) and Lins to pick up their guitars and start practicing again as a part of their evening routines (the daily challenge focus this week). Check out the video Ari posted of what he's been working on. 

    Hatch Stats

    As of this post there are 5,979 Phoenixes Hatched, leaving 2,909 Phoenixes Unhatched.

    BUT! There are still 11x 1 of 1 legendaries out there! 👇

     Faction 1 of 1 Category
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice
    Order of the Undivided
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice
    🧊 Ice Egg Stats:
    🧊 Ice Eggs Remaining: 
    🧊 Ice Egg Floor: 
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic
    Order of the Undivided
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic
    ⚡ Voltaic Egg Stats:
    ⚡ Voltaic Eggs Remaining: 
     Voltaic Egg Floor: 0.09Ξ
    ✨ Light Statue
    ✨ Light
    Order of the Undivided
    ✨ Light Shadow
    ✨ Light Crystal
    ✨ Light Egg Stats:
    ✨ Light Eggs Remaining: 
    ✨ Light Egg Floor: 0.055Ξ
    ⚫ Dark Statue

    ⚫ Dark
    Order of the Undivided
    ⚫ Dark Shadow
    ⚫ Dark Crystal
    ⚫ Dark Egg Stats:
    ⚫ Dark Eggs Remaining: 
    ⚫ Dark Egg Floor: 
    🌬️Air Statue
    Order of the Undivided
    🌬️Air Shadow
    🌬️Air Crystal
    🌬️Air Egg Stats:
    🌬️ Air Eggs Remaining: 
    🌬️ Air Egg Floor: 
    🌊 Water Statue
    🌊 Water
    Order of the Undivided
    🌊 Water Shadow
    🌊 Water Crystal
    🌊 Water Egg Stats:
    🌊 Water Eggs Remaining: 
    🌊 Water Egg Floor: 
    🪨 Earth Statue
    🪨 Earth Order of the Undivided
    🪨 Earth Shadow
    🪨 Earth Crystal
    🪨 Earth Egg Stats:
    🪨 Earth Eggs Remaining: 
    🪨 Earth Egg Floor: 
    🔥 Fire Statue
    🔥 Fire
    Order of the Undivided
    🔥 Fire Shadow
    🔥 Fire Crystal

    🔥 Fire Egg Stats:
    🔥 Fire Eggs Remaining: 

    🔥 Fire Egg Floor: 0.05Ξ


    Keep in mind, there are still some rares beyond these 1/1s! Check out for our rarity guide. Other rarity sites will not be accurate until all eggs are hatched!

    Looking Ahead

    🎮 Join The Phoenixes x Quarter Machine for a fun game night. Lots of prizes to win. Hilarity is sure to ensue.
    Infographic about game night with Quarter Machine and The Phoenixes

    🗺️ Map Out Mondays. 8am PST every Monday. This week, we're continuing our Sleep Habit Challenge. We'll focus this week on getting quality sleep. Tune in for tips, share your goals for the week, and start your week off on a positive foot.

    🔥🪶 Phoenix Fridays. 10am PST every Friday, we'll check in on how the week went for the daily challenges, chat about the weekend ahead, and open the floor to talk about whatever's on your mind. 

    🕰️ Phoenix Hours. 2pm PST on Thursday, October 6th, hop on to the stage to chat w/ the Phoenix Founders and team about whatever's on your mind. We want to hear from you, bring any questions, concerns, things you're excited about... you name it, we're here to talk about it!