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    Badass Body Goals - The Booty Shaping & Resistance Training Journal Comparisons

    What is The Badass Body Goals Journal?

    Many people want to workout to look and feel their best but may struggle with where to start, what to do, or sticking to a workout regimen. The Badass Body Goals - Booty Shaping & Resistance Training Journal is a guided journal that takes you through 10 weeks of guided workouts, and each workout includes a video guide by Jennifer Cohen, co-author of the book. This workout plan has been formulated to help you optimize fat loss and muscle development at the same time. It also includes tracking to help keep you accountable and motivated to stay on track, get inspired by your own progress!





    Alternative Bands, weights, and other equipment

    If you have a specific workout band, such as the BootyCo band, that you would like to use with The Badass Body Goals Journal that's fine! The journal comes with a workout band but you can pair it with any band of your choosing.

    Additionally, most workouts are body weight focused, but if you're looking to challenge yourself, then integrating weights is a great way to up the difficulty. You could use a set of dumbbells you have at home as a replacement for many of the machine related exercises, or if you want to use your body's own resistance, pulling a towel between both hands can help do so.

    Complementary Workout Apps

    There are tons of fitness apps on the market, most focusing on showing demonstrations of different workouts. The Badass Body Goals Journal has already created an optimized long term workout plan for you, however if you would like an additional emphasis on cardio, then we recommend these apps:

    Cardio can help speed up fat loss and is a great addition to any workout regimen!

    Can you use the journal if you have a personal trainer?

    Some people find that meeting face to face with someone is the best method for building a consistent and efficient workout routine.

    A personal trainer can help keep you accountable, motivated, and make sure you have good form while the journal is there for your days away from your trainer.

    A personal trainer is a great compliment to The Badass Body Goals Journal. In fact many personal trainers will recommend our journal to their clients to use on days they aren't training together. You could have your trainer help you improve your form for exercises by working out one day using the journal, or alternatively, saving your journal for days you won't have your trainer to guide you.