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    Weightlifting Transformation Journal Accountability Get Started

    Get Started with the
    Guardian Accountability System

     First Time Accessing the Guardian Accountability System?
    Here's How:

    1. Make sure you've purchased a Phoenix Framework product which grants you access to the Guardian Accountability System.

    2. Create a Habit Nest account here. You should use the same email that was used to purchase your Phoenix Framework product via Shopify.

    3. Use this username and password to access the Guardian Accountability System and appoint your Guardians here

    Common Log-In Issues:
    If you used the "Log-in with Shop" Shopify feature, you'll need to reset your password here. The Guardian Accountability System does not support the "Log-in with Shop" Shopify feature. 

    If you don't have access to the email that was used to purchase your Phoenix Framework Product please contact us at support@habitnest.com.

    If you forgot your username or password, you'll need to reset your password here.

    If you need to change your username email, if you purchased your product off Amazon, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at support@habitnest.com.

    Q: What is the Guardian Accountability System?
    The Guardian Accountability System allows you to designate up to 3 "Guardians" who will monitor your progress along your habit journey using your Phoenix Framework products.

    Each time you reach a Milestone and scan its QR code, your Guardians will be notified of your success!

     Should your journey face a lull, the system alerts your Guardians, prompting them to contact you and encourage you to continue. 

    Q: How many Guardians can I add?
    You can add up to 3 guardians at a time. You can manage your guardians here

    Q: Who should I make my Guardian(s)?
    In short, someone who you have a personal relationship with and whose opinion you respect.Typically close friends and family who are rooting for your success are great fits.

    If you want some additional people to consider, make a post in our active Habit Nest Facebook Group asking for an accountability partner here.

    Q: How often will my Guardian(s) be notified?
    1. When you first request them to be your Guardian. They must accept and "opt-in" to receive future Guardian emails. 

    2. When you reach each of the 9 Milestones found in your Transformation Journal 

    3. If you take too long to reach a Milestone

    4. Occasional gentle reminders to check in on your progress
    Note: Your Guardian(s)' data is kept securely and will never be used to receive marketing messages.