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    Weightlifting Transformation Journal - Eternal Vault

    Weightlifting Eternal Vault


    Module 1 - Day-by-Day Journey


    What’s Inside: A day by day breakdown of your journey including Video Exercise Guides and 15-Minute Lite Workouts

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    Module 2 - Guardian Accountability System


    What’s Inside: Get held accountable by designating up to 3 “Guardians” to follow along your journey. Manage and view your progress here.

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    Module 3 - Crafting Your Fitness Identity: Tools for Identity & Purpose Exploration


    What’s Inside: Aligning Values with Fitness Goals, 100th Birthday Toast, The 5 Whys, The Life Wheel, The Miracle Question

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    Module 4 - Behavior Change Unlocked: Insights for Lasting Transformation


    What’s Inside: 3 Factors of Behavior Change, Breaking Free From Negative Habit Loops, Falling In Love With the Process, The Stages of Change Model, Visualization for Success

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    Module 5 - Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: Redefining Your Thinking Patterns for Success


    What’s Inside: CBT for Fitness, Dialoguing with Your Negative Self-Talk

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    Module 6 - Nutrition


    What’s Inside: Caloric Deficit & Macronutrient Ratios, Fueling Your Fitness: Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition Essentials, Sample Nutrition Tracker, BMR + TDEE Calculator

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    Module 7 - Weightlifting Best Practices


    What’s Inside: Choosing the Right Weight for Your Workouts, What's the Deal with Cardio?, Strategic Stretching, Finding the Right Gym, Beginner's Guide to Using Workout Machines, General Gym Etiquette, Posture for Optimal Fitness, Maintaining Joint Health in Your Fitness Routine, A Guide to Spotting in the Gym.

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    Module 8 - Weekly Progress Tracker


    What’s Inside: A guide to learn how to track your fitness progress and a 12 week tracker with built-in recommendations based on your goals and progress

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    Module 9 - Weightlifting Transformation Journal PDF


    What’s Inside: PDF view of your Transformation Journal

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    Module 10 - Exercise Index


    What’s Inside: Access all exercise instructional videos, organized by muscle group.

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