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    Weightlifting Transformation Journal - Module: Crafting Your Fitness Identity

    Crafting Your Fitness Identity:
    Tools for Identity & Purpose Exploration


    Aligning Values with Fitness Goals


    By understanding what you truly value, you can motivate yourself to maintain a consistent workout routine.

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    100th Birthday Toast


    By picturing the person you want to become, you can more clearly see how your current actions, including new habits, contribute to the narrative of your life and influence the legacy you wish to leave.

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    The 5 Whys


    Developed by Sakichi Toyoda, by asking yourself “why” five times, you delve into the deeper meanings and motivations behind your goals.

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    The Life Wheel


    A visual tool to assess the different dimensions of your life and where your fitness goals fit in the balance.

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    The Miracle Question


    Imagine waking up tomorrow and discovering that a miracle has happened — your fitness goals have been achieved. How would that change your life?

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