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    The #1 Guided Mindfulness Journal

    The #1 Guided Mindfulness Journal

     The Meditation Sidekick Journal is the best daily mindfulness journal on the market in terms of actually teaching you how to meditate, guiding you towards understanding yourself with daily prompts, and helping you let go of your imagination about yourself through new ideas to help you alter your perspective. 

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    The #1 Guided Daily Mindfulness Journal

    The Meditation Sidekick Journal's primary purpose is to give you all the inner and outer tools you need to begin a practice of meditation, meditate effectively on your own, and guide you on your path towards better understanding yourself.

    If you've ever struggled with meditation or mindfulness in the past, or want to to take your mindfulness practice to the next level, this is for you. 

    This daily mindfulness journal will help you:

    - Stay consistent with meditation on a daily basis

    - Improve your internal dialogue with yourself and be more supportive of yourself

    - Reduce stress & anxiety

    - Improve concentration

    - Increase the quality of your relationships

    - Learn to be more mindful of yourself and life in general

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    Here's How The Mindfulness Journal Works.


    The introduction to the journal provides a fundamental understanding of how meditation changes our brains, why it seems difficult at first, the experiences you’ll have, and more on how it can improve your life.

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    Each morning, you write the time you'll meditate and how long you'll meditate for.

    Each evening, you get questions to help you open up about your experience, think about how daily mindfulness can improve the events in YOUR life, and record what improvements you're seeing.

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    Each day you're given learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your practice.

    These include guided meditations, expert tips, actionable strategies, daily challenges, affirmations, links and descriptions to phenomenal videos, podcasts, recommended resources, and more.

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    Why Does The Journal Work?

    This journal debunks our ideas and associations about what meditation is and what the experience can be. We will guide you to experiencing the incredible benefits the practice actually brings.

    🧠 Curated Content

    Each day you're given learning tools, inspiration, and guidance for improving the quality of your practice.

    👫 External Support

    Enjoy a healthy source of outside accountability to keep you inspired and receive the information/knowledge you need.

    🎯 Tracking Your Progress

    Repeatedly seeing that you can create change, and becoming conscious of the benefits you're realizing even when they start feeling normal.

    Guided Meditations

    You'll be guided through seeing yourself from a completely new perspective and have a new value on your thoughts and emotions. You'll develop the inner tools you need to meditate effectively on your own.

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    The Meditation Sidekick Journal

    If you allow it, The Meditation Sidekick Journal will be your daily mindfulness guide. 

    The journal is everything you need - from a book that explains the neuroscience behind meditation, to a meditation coach, to a guided daily journal that comes with unique daily content to keep you engaged with your practice. 

    The journal's daily prompts truly guide you towards really looking at yourself as an outsider. It doesn't avoid the things that are difficult to look at or deal within yourself. 

    The sense of awe, the quiet, and the stable happiness so many people are looking for when embarking on mindfulness journey do not come from avoiding the things that are tough to be with in yourself. 

    Quite the contrary - the most revered benefits of meditation and mindfulness will be likely be the result of coming into direct contact and understanding the parts of ourselves that feel most troubled. 

    With this in mind, The Meditation Sidekick Journal's daily prompts gently guide you towards truly looking at who you are, how you live, the values that your actions show you are most important to you, and delve into your actual life's experience. 

    The journal provides a sort of gentle guidance that helps you question yourself deeply, and look at yourself more objectively. 


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