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Home Workout Journals - Digital PDFs


We created two separate journals:

1. The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal - a home workout journal that requires absolutely no equipment.


2. The Dumbbell Home Workout Journal - a home workout journal that requires only dumbbells.

Each journal is a 13-week HOME workout program to help you get the best home workouts of your life!

  • 💪 Each journal has 65 guided workouts EACH
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Workouts target 2 muscle groups
  • ⚡️ Built for lifters of all levels
  • ⏱️ Each workout takes 45-60 minutes
  • 🎯 Clear number of reps to aim for
  • 🔥 Pyramid style workouts will push you
  • 📖 Detailed exercise index
  • ✅ No thinking required 

The Bodyweight Journal

The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal is meant to help you sculpt your body without a single piece of equipment.

It creatively teaches you how to use your own bodyweight with simple items like t-shirts, towels, and doorways to get an amazing workout every day. 

If you don't own any equipment at all, this journal will teach you how you can still have an amazing workout every day.

The Dumbbell Journal

The Dumbbell Home Workout Journal was created to help you use dumbbell exercises to sculpt your entire body.

It follows a similar structure as the Bodyweight Home Workout Journal but with a stronger emphasis on using dumbbells for added resistance / training intensity.

We recommend having at least two sets of dumbbells to use, a light set and a medium/heavy set.

The journal shows you exactly which exercises to do, how to do them, and guides you through the whole process!

How The Journals Work

📖 Step 1: Learning

Each of the two journals includes a 50-page crash course on the science & principles behind getting real results from weightlifting and nutrition.

📝 Step 2: Follow Along & Track Your Progress

There are 13 weeks (65 workouts) of personal training in EACH journal.

Each day you decide to train, familiarize yourself with the exercises for each day's workout and simply follow what it tells you to do.

After each set you complete, write in the amount of weight used and the number of repetitions you actually completed.

🍿 Step 3: Weekly Content

Every week, each journal provides you with content aimed at keeping you motivated, challenging you to prepare and find better ways to increase intensity, and increasing your understanding of how to get the best results from your workouts. 

The content in each journal is varied to match the style of exercises in the journal you're using.


These digital PDF journals will be emailed directly to your inbox within 10 minutes of you placing your order. 


Q. What exactly comes with the journal?
A. The journal comes as a fillable digital PDF with 65 workouts, a text guide explaining the proper form for each exercise, a link to videos demonstrating each exercise.

Q. How long does each workout take?
A. Every workout can be completed in 45-60 minutes.

Q. How difficult is it?
A. The journal is effective for lifters of all levels. It allows you to slowly scale up your intensity with well-timed suggestions for new challenges along the way. Every ~10-15 days we show you how to further challenge yourself (if you want to) by adding an additional set, supersets, and dropsets to your workouts.

Q. Should I only build one habit at a time?
A. This is entirely dependent on you and your situation. If you want to take it one step at a time, starting with one is enough. If you have a burning passion inside you to build multiple habits at once, many people use multiple journals alongside one another.

Q. How many days long is the journal?
A. Each journal contains: - 50 pages of introductory reading (optional) - 51 weight training workouts - 14 full body circuit workouts - 30 pages of interspersed content (i.e. form recommendations, pro-tips, and daily challenges) throughout the workouts - A system to track your progress, muscle growth, and weight fluctuations along the way.

Q. How long does shipping take?
A. The digital PDF will be emailed to you within 10 minutes of placing your order.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. All our products have a 50-year, any condition return policy. Yes, really.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. All credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept payment through PayPal and Amazon Pay. All currencies should be accepted.

Q. What currency are prices listed in?

A. All prices are listed in USD.

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