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    local_libraryPDF Specific

    The PDF is exactly the same as the physical journal, it's just in digital format so you can fill it out on a laptop or tablet (some folks have success using their phones, but depending upon the journal, it can be a pretty big file). You can also print out different pages as you want them. :)

    Love it! Get a hold of us at and we’ll help you with this.

    You should have received a PDF soon after you ordered. If you didn’t, send an email to and we’ll take care of you!

    Let’s get this figured out!

    In the upper-right corner, you'll see "sign in." Click that and connect to a Google account and you'll see the file. You'll want to then download to your device and re-open that downloaded file. If you keep running into issues, feel free to email us at

    So sorry for the trouble here. This can happen for a couple of reasons.

    1. Make sure that after you click the link, you hover in the upper right corner and select the download icon. After you've downloaded to your device, you'll want to re-open it using your favorite PDF editing software (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Adobe, Notability, etc.)

    2. Make sure your PDF editing software is the newest update.

    If you still notice this issue after trying these steps, feel free to reach out to

    This happens if your PDF editing/reading software needs to be updated. We recommend double checking that the app is updated and then opening w/ Google Chrome, Adobe, Notability, or other PDF editor.

    fitness_centerHabit Specific | Fitness

    No, unfortunately, unless you have a super robust home gym set up. This journal requires a lot of gym equipment, including machines and for all of the substituting  you’d have to do with exercises in the index, it’s probably not worth your time or energy. You might want to check out our Badass Body Goals Journal ( and/or Home Workout Journals (

    Yes! There are a few exercises that list gym equipment, but there’s a large index in this journal with all kinds of exercises to swap out. You might also want to check out our Home Workout Journals (Home Workout Journals (

    The video links are found in the journal in the upper left hand corner of each workout day. Be sure to type “https://” to the beginning of the link for it to go through.

    Great question! As long as your home gym has a full range of dumbbells and barbells, you should be able to make it work. The index has a number of exercises, in order by muscle group, where you can swap out for any exercises that you don't have the equipment for or are otherwise unable to do. 

    Our Badass Body Goals Journal is more geared toward home workouts, if you're interested!

    Such a great question, but no, unfortunately, it would be quite an ordeal to substitute all of the machine/free weight exercises for dumbbells. It wouldn't be worth your time or energy.🙁

    That said, you might want to check out our Badass Body Goals Journal, which doesn't require all of that gym equipment: Or our Home Workout Journals!

    Such a good question. So, the numbers 1-4 is based on that muscle group. Exercises 1-4 on the first day are pertaining to Back and Exercises 1-4 on the page next to it, to triceps. You still want to do all 8 exercises. You can do them in any order you see fit!

    The weight question is a little tricky for us  to answer since we’re not with you, but a good starting point is to select your first weight and test it out. If you can do 4 reps super easily, you probably need to go up 10-20 lbs (depending on the machine/body part). Then, test again. After you figure out which one is your best fit, do 12-15 for the first set, increase your weight by 5-10 lbs, do 8-12 for the next set, increase weight by 5-10 lbs, do 6-8 for the next set, increase weight by 5-10 lbs, and do 4-6 for the last set.

    You’ll only really have to do this test each time you see that exercise for the first time, because you’ll have a record of it when it comes up later in the journal. Make sure to leave notes for yourself, too, like “Started out w/ weights too low” or “Maybe start higher next time?” or “Pay attention to form...” If you have any other questions, feel free to reach us at

    The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal is intended for use in the gym, alongside free weights and weightlifting machines.

    The Badass Body Goals Journal can be done either at home or in the gym, and involves the option to follow along with videos. The exercises are HIIT-based. 😃

    The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal is a series of calisthenics, isometric exercises, and other unique ways to use your body as its own resistance weight for strength training.

    self_improvementHabit Specific | Sidekick

    Happy to help! You can either email us at or use this awesome calculator (

    As for tackling All the Journals (eep! We’re so excited for you!) without getting overwhelmed...

    We recommend starting with Morning Sidekick Journal Volume 1. Read the intro and start yourself on the "Why" portion. While you're doing that, think about which other habit you're really excited to start tackling. If you're feeling ultra motivated and don't think it'll overwhelm you, consider doing do 1 or 2 additional complimentary habits that you can do during your morning routine (i.e. Nutrition Sidekick Journal and Meditation Sidekick Journal). 

    Read those intros (there will be a little bit of overlap in some sections, but there's new info regarding each habit, so make sure you don't skip the whole intro).

    Plan on spending several days just reading these intros, thinking about, and writing your "Why." Then, on Day One of Morning Sidekick Journal, write down in your morning routine that you are going to work on your 1 or 2 new habits (e.g. "I will plan my meals for the day in Nutrition Sidekick Journal" and "Meditate 5 mins and write in Meditation Sidekick Journal").

    Then, as you get comfortable with the flow, start adding in your other journals. The Gratitude Sidekick Journal lends itself really well to do as a part of your nighttime routine, if you'd like to go that route, too.

    Soooo exciting! Enjoy and let me know if you need anything along the way!

    At the beginning of each month is where you'll evaluate your monthly bills/subscriptions/etc. Mostly, you'll want to think of this in fairly loose terms. Meaning, this isn't to completely balance your checkbook. Rather, you're getting as close as possible to your predicted expenses, budgeting out the rest of your money, and then being mindful of spending as you go through. The point is less about balancing dollar-for-dollar, down to the penny and more about honing in on your spending behaviors.

    OK, so first of all BRAVO, holy moly!!We'd definitely recommend starting over again with a fresh journal after you've finished. Our team has personally worked through these journals ourselves AND have read it a bazillion times for editing and other Habit Nest work and even still, we find that it's a different journal each time we look at it, based on what's happening in my life at that time.If this pertains to you, shoot us a message at We’d love to offer you a special discount as a celebration of your commitment to conquering your habits!

    Great question. This will be a run through of the journaling pages, if you need more specifics, don’t hesitate to contact us at

    So, you start on the journal in the evening (e.g. Night 0). You write out your intentions for the next day, including when you're going to bed tonight and when you'll get up in the morning. There's a cool bit of content on the side that has a tip/technique/resource to look into that has to do with morning routines/success. We recommend reading it in the evening, but some folks do so as a part of their morning routine.

    In the morning, you open it up, you fill out when you actually went to bed and woke up and then you start on the morning routine that you set out for yourself last night. Check those things off, name your most difficult task for the day, fill out the rest of the bottom half of the page (e.g. Day 1).

    That night, you flip to the next page (e.g. Night 1), sit down and reflect on your day. You write your intentions for tomorrow, you check out a new piece of content/inspiration. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Essentially, each journaling page is related to a single day, even though you're working on it during two different days. At night, you're planning on tomorrow, then tomorrow arrives and you implement.

    So, it turns into an accountability loop with yourself, because you are holding yourself to what you write down. At the same time, we encourage absolute grace for oneself and realization that the "perfect" person/morning routine simply does not exist.

    This is a *really* common question.

    First, definitely join our Discord, our live hub for all things habit-related (

    As for your morning routine, we encourage you not to overthink it. It should be whatever you need it to be to put you in the best possible mindset for your day. And honestly, that may change day to day! 

    One day, you may want an easier morning where you simply make the bed and sit with a cup of coffee for 15 minutes. Others, you may have the time and energy to listen to a podcast, prep for dinner, clean the kitchen, prep some work, exercise, etc.

    It works best if you are able to find a good balance between being flexible with yourself and your needs and also stick to your commitments to yourself.

    Additionally, if you’re someone who perseveres through chronic diagnoses, consider having a “good day” and “chill day” option available to yourself. In the morning, decide which type of day your body and mind are  going to allow you to do and go forward with all the grace and love for yourself.

    Here's an article that we really like about different routine options, too:

    Any other questions? Contact us at

    It really depends on how it works in your day, but most folks decide to peek at it in the morning to fill out anything that is more of a larger-life question (i.e. doesn't have to do with reflecting on the day) and check out the daily challenge and content. Then, in the evening, complete the reflection questions and mark off whether the daily challenge was done.

    -The journal isn't overly positive. It is real, it recognizes life struggles that folks have and calls on you to challenge your daily thinking.

    -This isn't a checklist of "things to be grateful for." Using the guided journaling aspect, you'll find prompts to really dig deep into why you think the way you do and exercise your brain in a way where you'll notice yourself using gratitude as a knee-jerk response, where a negative thought might have happened previously.

    -Each day includes a real-life gratitude challenge to bring what you're thinking and reflecting on into an actionable, beneficial task.

    -The way the Gratitude Sidekick Journal (and our other sidekick journals) is set up, it puts you in an accountability loop with yourself, which helps propel you onward in the journal as you see your progress both in the journal and in the positive impacts in your life.