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    Dumbbell Transformation Journal - Eternal Vault

    Dumbbell Eternal Vault


    Module 1 - Day-by-Day Journey


    What’s Inside: A day by day breakdown of your journey including Video Exercise Guides and 15-Minute Lite Workouts

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    Module 2 - Guardian Accountability System


    What’s Inside: Get held accountable by designating up to 3 “Guardians” to follow along your journey. Manage and view your progress here.

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    Module 3 - Crafting Your Fitness Identity: Tools for Identity & Purpose Exploration


    What’s Inside: Aligning Values with Fitness Goals, 100th Birthday Toast, The 5 Whys, The Life Wheel, The Miracle Question

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    Module 4 - Behavior Change Unlocked: Insights for Lasting Transformation


    What’s Inside: 3 Factors of Behavior Change, Breaking Free From Negative Habit Loops, Falling In Love With the Process, The Stages of Change Model, Visualization for Success

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    Module 5 - Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: Redefining Your Thinking Patterns for Success


    What’s Inside: CBT for Fitness, Dialoguing with Your Negative Self-Talk

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    Module 6 - Nutrition


    What’s Inside: Caloric Deficit & Macronutrient Ratios, Fueling Your Fitness: Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition Essentials, Sample Nutrition Tracker, BMR + TDEE Calculator

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    Module 7 - Dumbbell Home Workout Best Practices


    What’s Inside: What's the Deal with Cardio?, Strategic Stretching, Posture for Optimal Fitness,Maintaining Joint Health in Your Fitness Routine

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    Module 8 - Weekly Progress Tracker


    What’s Inside: A guide to learn how to track your fitness progress and a 12 week tracker with built-in recommendations based on your goals and progress

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    Module 9 - Dumbbell Transformation Journal PDF


    What’s Inside: PDF view of your Transformation Journal

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    Module 10 - Exercise Index


    What’s Inside: Access all exercise instructional videos, organized by muscle group.

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