The Morning Sidekick Journal


The first 60 minutes of your day are extremely important for setting the tone for everything to follow. Stop rushing this critical time and start getting control back!


The Morning Sidekick Journal is a science based morning planner that gets you laser focused on your morning productivity and happiness in 3 minutes per day.

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When you first use your sidekick Journal, you'll be walked through three simple steps:

• Establish WHY you are doing this

• Strategize on HOW you're going to do it

• Prepare for WHAT you're going to do on a daily basis

This empowers you with an arsenal of tools to tackle your mornings and make them something you actually look forward to. With this established, you're ready to conquer the three phases of building a new habit.

A look inside the Sidekick Journal Series

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Sneak Peek

Flip through the first phase:

Get Laser Focused

Get laser focused on specified actions you can take each day to turbocharge your mornings.

Increase Productivity

Increase daily productivity by outlining your most important task to conquer.

Daily Content

Stay excited and engaged with new daily challenges, strategies and inspiration each day.

Accountability & Tracking

Specific sections in the introduction and content are dedicated to creating your own systems of accountability.

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morning sidekick journal, miracle morning, wake up early, morning routine, habit tracker, productivity journal