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    Dumbbell Phoenix Framework

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    The ultimate system for getting fit at home.

    Dumbbell Phoenix Framework

    Breaking Down The Transformation Journal

    Breaking Down The Transformation Journal

    The Elevate Card Deck


    The Eternal Vault



    The Burndown Habit Tracker

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    A 19" x 14" interactive progress tracking chart designed to visualize your progress.

    The Guardian
Accountability System

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    Choose a trusted friend or guardian to cheer you on, monitor your progress, and keep you accountable on your journey.

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    Get Fit or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

    The Phoenix Framework WORKS. It is the best investment for your fitness you could ever make — and we designed our guarantee to reflect that.

    If you use it and aren’t happy with the results within 1-year of purchasing, send it back to us and we will refund you in full, no questions asked. Valid only for purchases made on habitnest.com

    This time, it’s different.

    The Phoenix Framework System is Designed To:

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    Make habit building feel simple and easy

    Know exactly what to do, when. 
See real results without the struggle.

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    Fit your new routine into your existing lifestyle

    Designed to work for everybody, no matter what your life looks like.

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    Save you valuable time

    Accelerate your learning curve. 
Our team conducted 1,000+ hours 
of research so you don’t have to.

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    Stay engaged and see tangible growth

    Uncover a treasure trove of content & resources designed to be directly actionable.


    The only equipment you need to do this journal in its entirety, is dumbbells. You should have 3-5 sets of dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells in order to accommodate different body parts and their strength. All of the workouts can be completed at-home.

    In the Transformation Journal the workouts take 45-60 minutes. In the Eternal Vault you will find ‘Lite’ workouts that take 15-20 minutes. You can also easily build your own workout for whatever length of time you have available using the Elevate Card Deck.

    The Phoenix Framework is effective for any level of fitness. You can tailor any workout to the intensity that is best for you. There are challenges and tips to help you challenge yourself (if you want to) along the way.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Stacie O. (Los Angeles, US)

    I have most of the Habit Nest books and the dumbbell system is by far my favorite. I used to bodybuild but haven’t in many years. I needed to start from scratch. The way the journals are laid out, it is very beginner friendly with the use of pictures and videos. They are also perfect for someone who has to start over and rebuild fitness habits. I have ordered multiples and given to my friends and family.